Roast Veg and Brown Lentil Soup

This soup was so easy to make, using leftover ingredients and cooked in one pot. Super tasty, nutritious, full of veg and another added bonus…. My fussy little humans ate it AND enjoyed it.

My children have a vegetable radar embedded in their DNA. If there is the slightest speck of green and/or orange in anything they eat – they gag and cry and writhe around like I have laced their plate with arsenic.

Tonight started out as no exception. DD6 cried and cried while the pot was bubbling away on the stove. “But I don’t like soup! It’s awful! So awful!”, she kept chanting. She eventually conceded after I bribed her with cookies and cream ice cream. Once she actually tried it, she happily ate the whole bowl with bread. As did DD9 and DS2. Blitzing the soup so all traces of green and orange had disappeared, helped immensely.

So, in a pot I added half a cup of dried brown lentils with a vegetable stock cube and covered with boiling water. I then added a plate of leftover roast vegetables that accompanied yesterday’s roast lamb. A mix of sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, red capsicum and onion all roasted with garlic and rosemary. And that’s it! I just let the ingredients do it’s thing and cook together on medium heat for about 30 minutes until the lentils were tender.

I blitzed it with a hand mixer and served the smooth mixture to the offspring to eat with warm bread rolls. And the big peoples’ plate was garnished with fresh flat parsley, chilli flakes and a decent grating of Romano cheese. Yum!!

  • Pantry: Dried brown lentils, vegetable stock cube (Massel), dried chilli flakes
  • Fridge: Leftover roast vegetables –¬†sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, red capsicum and onion; Romano cheese (Perfect Italiano)
  • Garden: Flat leaf parsley

Easy-peasy, nutritious and delicious!

Mrs. Magic Pantry XO

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