cropped-depositphotos_4015519_l-2015.jpgBorn and raised in Sydney, Australia, I am a regular mum with a hubby and three beautiful children. I have a food fixation. I go to sleep at night dreaming of what I’ll be making for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day. And, more importantly, how I can create these meals using what I already have lying around in the fridge and pantry. I will do everything to avoid a trip to the supermarket and risk being taunted by the the enormous amount of pester power my offspring have.

I LOVE to cook, and while I am obsessed with cook books and celebrity chefs, I am actually the worst at following recipes. I have been cooking since I was a teen and I can’t think of a single time that I have EVER followed a recipe to the exact letter – I will always improvise, substitute and add a little of my own ‘flair’. Sometimes it works out beyond my wildest expectations, other times it’s a colossal disaster. But hey, that’s what being creative is all about isn’t it?!

This blog is a photo journal of how I cook for myself and my family. I have made a point of making sure any recipes I have included on here are as simple, resourceful and practical as possible (and delicious, too!). But mostly, this site is about showing you how I pull together these meals using existing ingredients and with very little effort. I hope I inspire you to do the same.

Mrs. Magic Pantry XO

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