No-Nasties Nuggets

I always keep a stash of homemade chicken nuggets in the freezer for those times when I just can't bear the thought  of battling fussy kidlets at dinnertime. These nuggets are delicious and have the added bonus that you know exactly what is in them.

Sandwich-Filling Farfalle

The classic sandwich filling of ham, cheese and tomato is the base for this simple pasta dish that is a winner with the whole family. Cooked in one pot and delicious served hot, warm or cold - it's a great way to use up all the bits you have lying around for the kids's school lunches.

Smoked Garlic Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

I've had spaghetti aglio e olio countless times - usually in the wee hours of a Sunday morning after a big night out. Using smoked garlic was such a delicious twist - complex and savoury - it took this classic pantry meal to a whole new level. I will definitely make it again very soon!

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